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Blister Sealing Packaging

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Blister Sealing Packaging

Blister Sealing is a technique that involves the heat seal of a rigid, thermoformed outer shell which encapsulates a product to a coated back card —a popular and trendy packaging method for retail items and most CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies.


Blister Card

Here at Visual Pak Secondary Packaging, we are experts in developing top-quality customized solutions to fit your packaging needs. Whether the project calls for blister-to-card, blister-to-blister, our blister seal machines engineered to offer you maximum flexibility. Our plant and manufacturing experts re-configure our tools, based upon your unique needs and growth.

Blister Sealing

We build automated and semi-automated blister seal machines for most markets.

Our semi-automatic sealing machines are ideal for projects that require manual loading of product and packaging materials.


blister sealing
sealing machine

Our automatic sealing machines maximize operational efficiencies for high volume packaging.

Our automatic sealing machines provide fast changeover, offer flexibility in package size and style. You can trust that your heat-sealing project is made to your specifications, guaranteeing the highest quality.


Trapped Blister Packaging has been a top choice at retail to effectively showcase products and has been providing multiple advantages over other methods of packaging.



  • The product stays in place


  • Pilfer resistant, yet easier to open than traditional clamshells


Visual Appeal


  • Clear, custom-fit window to showcase your product


  • Increased space for graphics and text




  • Lower plastic content compared to clamshells


  • Corrugated and recycled paperboard choices



  • Hang, standing, retail, and club store presentation options





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