Carton Forming

Carton Forming

Carton Forming

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Carton Forming. The carton former is a flexible, high-speed, continuous motion machine designed to convert flat blanks to fully built cartons or trays for manual or automatic product loading.

Our team - packaging engineering, designers, production, and operations - helps streamline our conveyor lines, feeding methods, robotics, and machine tooling to make production more efficient. These forming capabilities are essential to produce sturdy, square trays and cartons that help increase overall productivity and quality.


Our numerous high-speed gift set carton forming lines, including automated insertion, semi-automated, and highly flexible manual assembly lines, allow us to pack into any format. From folding cartons, trays, setup boxes, corrugated, and retail packaging - trust that we can get your products to market, fast! Carton packaging at light speed, we have forming and automation to erect any structure.

With over 35 years of assembly experience, our expertise and optimized equipment provide ultimate flexibility, reliability, and performance to handle the most comprehensive programs and promotional packaging. From 4 to 60 insertions, we pack into paperboard folding cartons, fluted cares, cases, and bags.

Skills to form any Structure include:

  • Automated Insertion
  • Semi-Automated Load
  • Horizontal Manual Load
  • Horizontal Automatic-Load
  • Vertical Load
  • Bottom Load
  • Top load
  • End load
  • In-line Gluing
  • Flats, side seam glued (SSG)
  • Brightwood tri-seal cartons
  • Tray Erectors

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