Sustainability at Norka

Here's our carbon footprint - and what the Norka team is doing as it relates to our environmental philosophy.

Renewability, recyclability, and sustainability are at the heart of the paper and packaging industry.

According to Nielsen, in 2018, 81% of global consumers felt that companies should help the environment. And we at Norka agree entirely and have dovetailed our environmental efforts to reflect this continually growing trend. Paper packaging begins and ends with sustainability: made from renewable resources, and it's consistently one of the world's most recycled materials.

FSC Chain of Custody — Norka has received our FSC Chain of Custody certification — allowing us to use the FSC Claim with our certification number on paperboard products we print for customers.

Norka sustainabilitychain

This certification is a must for customers who are concerned with utilizing stock produced using safe forestry practices.

To make this claim, Norka needs to ensure that our supplier is certified and that our customer is not altering our product when it leaves our facility. Our customers can use this logo on their folding carton packaging to communicate a sustainability message for consumers.

The majority of recycling programs request that companies like Norka make sure paperboard is clean and dry to avoid contamination. Soiled materials can damage sorting and processing machinery. At Norka, we separate and recycle all paper products that go unused in our facility and coordinate with recycling firms to collect these paper products. We also use soy-based aqueous inks, which prove to be more ecologically friendly. Our coatings are also aqueous-based to maintain the highest level of environmental responsibility amongst our competition. We strive to achieve more, all while reducing our footprint.




Norka will be partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation and honoring our commitment to sustainability and our customers by planting a tree for every $1,000 spent on new orders for existing AND new customer orders.

The Arbor Day Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit conservation and education organization. A million members, donors, and partners support our programs to make our world greener and healthier.

 Visit the Arbor Day Foundation

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