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High-Quality Liquid Formulation and Blending Solutions

Contract Liquid Product Development and Packaging

Our highly flexible formulation, blending, and filling capabilities are designed to deliver unique, consistent, and satisfying consumer experiences. Our liquid product development and contract manufacturing services are perfect for companies looking for high volume, significant capacity, and innovative product solutions.


We (American Blending and Filling Company) are proud to continue to be in conformance to the following standard(s):

  • Certified by NSF-ISR ISO 9001:2015  for Blending, filling, and packaging of personal care, home care, and air care products. 
  • Certified by SGS ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetics – Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices: for the Manufacture of liquid/pasty ethanol or solvent, water, and oil based cosmetic products for personal  care such as shampoos, soaps, and fragrances.

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A Leader in Personal Care, Beauty, Household, and Air Care Product Manufacturing

With years of experience in liquid formulation, blending, and filling, we’ve become an industry leader for personal care, beauty, household, and air care products including:

Personal Care – hair, skin, body care

Beauty – anti-aging, body sprays, perfumes, moisturizers

Household – dish, surface, floor, laundry, disinfectants

Air Care – home fragrance, room sprays, fabric refreshers, scented oils

Our robust experience in these industries ensures we can provide the most cost-effective, efficient, end-to-end solutions, including formulation development and testing, blending, filling, labeling, packaging, customization, and special packs.

Personal Care

Personal Care

hair, skin, body care
Beauty Icon


anti-aging, body sprays, perfumes, moisturizers
Home Products


dish, surface, floor, laundry, disinfectants
Air Care

Air Care

home fragrance, room sprays, fabric refreshers, scented oils

Product Development & Testing

Innovating New Formulating and Product Ideas

r&d research and development
Formula Development

Formulated to meet your specific needs, we develop high performing products that will meet the desired price point. Product development to follow emerging trends and create innovative new concepts, we continuously deliver ideas to grow your brands and expand market share.

product manufacturing
Formula Testing

Our team of quality, microbiologists and chemists leverage our QC and analytical labs to evaluate formula, raw materials, in-process, and finished goods. We ensure consistent adherence to product quality, as well as FDA, EPA, and cGMP compliance — while meeting your individual corporate quality requirements.

product development

Processing & Packaging

Visual Pak offers full-service turnkey liquid blending, filling, and packaging solutions with state-of-the-art equipment and innovative processes. Our expert team stands ready to develop your product, whether you need a partner in simple secondary contract packaging or access to our full suite of capabilities for formula development, blending, filling, or testing and manufacturing for consumer products.

Visual Pak is a full-service packaging solutions provider dedicated to effectively and efficiently transitioning consumer products from design to shipment on your timeline and budget.

blending and filling
Blending & Filling

Our diverse compounding processes include both hot-blending and cold-mixing capabilities. With various pre-mix, homogenizer, and diverse blending equipment, we support a wide range of viscosities and product types.

bottle filling
Bottle Filling

Our high-speed rotary filling lines accommodate fills from 1 to 64 oz. With various levels of automation to support unique bottle geometries, closures, and pack-out configurations, we offer multiple solutions to fit the specific needs of your product.

automatic labeling

Our in-line high-speed automatic labeling equipment includes pressure-sensitive, steam tunnel shrink sleeving, and multi-pack banding solutions for efficient in-line processing of assorted sizes and configurations.

private label branding

Getting Started with Visual Pak Contract Liquid Formulation, Blending, and Filling

When you partner with Visual Pak for your liquid products, we assign a dedicated project manager who will coordinate the entire process to ensure all timelines are met. With decades of experience in the contract manufacturing industry, we efficiently on-board large scale and complex projects.

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