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Visual Pak has been serving leading CPG brands for decades, specializing in retail, club store, and merchandising. Whether customization, bundling, repacking, special packs, or display assembly, our secondary packaging services are second to none.

multipackaging solutions

The Unlimited Possibilities of Secondary Packaging

Support services you can trust to deliver elevated shopping experiences

We pride ourselves on end-to-end secondary packaging solutions. Our automated production processes reduce cost and deliver innovative, high-impact solutions. We leverage vertically integrated packaging capabilities to reduce lead times and simplify your supply chain. Enhance your point-of-sale product experience with our wide range of secondary packaging solutions:

blisters packaging

Blister Sealing & Packaging

With Visual Pak’s high-volume blister assembly and sealing processes, our production teams can seamlessly manage multiple or single pack designs for low and high-volume programs. Whether your project calls for blister-to-card or blister-to-blister packaging, our blister sealing capabilities offer you maximum flexibility. Our manufacturing experts design tooling and automation based upon your unique needs and growth goals.

  • Packing design optimized for security and visual appeal
  • Custom thermoforming to enhance product presentation
  • Printed blister cards for optimized graphic and text space
  • High-speed assembly lines with fast changeover
  • Automated and semi-automated blister seal machines for enhanced production

Cartons, Club-Store, and Special Packs

Our team of paperboard packaging experts have the skills and equipment to form any structure for any product including:

  • Automated insertion
  • Semi-automated load
  • Horizontal manual load
  • Horizontal automatic load
  • Vertical load
  • Bottom load
  • Top load
  • End load
  • In-line gluing
  • Flats, side seam glued
  • Brightwood tri-seal cartons
  • Tray erectors

We can accommodate both manual and automatic product loading with flexible, high-speed, high-speed lines designed to convert flat blanks to fully formed cartons or trays. Our automated carton forming, and pack-out capabilities ensure we can handle any carton type or volume, from small to large runs.

  • Flexibility for any size run from small to large
  • High-speed carton forming
  • Automated and manual assembly lines
  • 1 to 60 insertions packed into paperboard folding cartons, fluted cares, cases, and bags


From bundling and variety packs to club store packaging, we have the expertise, equipment, and experience to help streamline your supply chain. Our full vertically integrated capabilities allow us to create your finished package, in one location, saving time, resources, and money. With robotics, carton-forming, automatic, semi-automatic, part handling, automated case packing, carton closing, palletization, and flexible lines, we leverage automation to reduce labor and deliver the lowest total cost. We can pack most products in any combination or format, at a high speed, to provide the most aggressive solutions. Our multi-pack capabilities include:

  • Gift Set Assembly
  • Specialty Kit assembly
  • Custom kit assembly
  • Kit fulfillment
  • Multiple piece kits
  • Shrink banding
  • Promotion Packs
  • Late-stage customization
  • Variety Packs
  • Value Packs
  • E-Com Kits
  • Flexibility to support low volume kitting and packaging projects
shrink wrapping

Shrink Wrapping

Group your products together with a stand-out shrink-wrapped packaging design. Our shrink-wrapping capabilities include print registered and clear film shrink wrapping, integrated bundle wrapping, product customization, unique and variety pack configurations.

  • Enhanced protection with extremely tight enclosures that tightly cover the products inside, protecting them from dust, dirt, and debris.
  • Extended packaging longevity due to durable fibers and long-chain polymers
  • Protect nearly any product shape with the versatility of shrink wrapping
  • Reduce potential water damage in transit or on location
  • More cost effective than other packing options
shrink sleeving

Shrink Sleeving

With automated sleeve application at high speed, multiple lines with both steam shrink lines and radiant heat capabilities, we pack a wide range of product types and sizes. Our automation is designed for single, twin and three pack sleeving with both clear and printed sleeves.

  • Multiple steam lines with precision adjustment for distortion free graphics
  • Single bottle decorating, multi-packs, and on-packs for products of all shapes and sizes
  • Gloss and high impact color graphics
  • Options for tamper-evident packaging
ecommerce packaging

eCommerce Packaging

Unmatched unboxing experiences that connect the visual beauty of your product to the first consumer interaction once delivered with our unique and customizable eCommerce packaging solutions. From simple corrugate case packs to complete multi-component packaging kits, we have the design experience, materials, and in-house capabilities to automate your e-commerce and SIOC packaging.

  • Structural design and engineering to ensure product integrity during shipment
  • Design for manufacturing ability; designing to leverage existing automated lines
  • Kitting and assembly

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