Thermoform Plastic Packaging

Industry-Leading Custom Thermoforming

We proudly offer full-service thermoforming capabilities in state-of-the-art and automated facilities uniquely designed to improve production and efficiency. Using thermoformed plastic packaging, we design around complex shapes to securely hold and showcase products. Our team of experts will be with you, every step of the way, from design to production and logistics.

blister plastic packaging

An Industry Leader

in Blister, Clamshell, Tray, and Trapped Blister Design, Development, and Production

Our expert, in-house design team creates packaging with an emphasis on form and function to deliver impact and improve shelf presence. Together, we transform ideation into versatile, quality packaging that amplifies your product and drives sales while working to lower costs.

blister packaging

Blister Packaging

Package multiple units with clear, tailored-fit protection and maximum exposure to your product with our blister packaging. Using custom thermoforming, we can help:

  • Pilfer Resistant
  • Enhance Product Visibility
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Versatility Limit Shrink
  • Lock in Freshness
  • Section Serving Sizes
Clamshells packaging

Bi-Fold, Tri-Fold, Mock, & Two-Piece Clamshells

The perfect fit is what we aim for when designing cost-effective clamshells. We love taking plastic packaging to a new level of creativity and creating traditional but stunning retail solutions. Our clamshell packaging helps to:

  • Securely Seal Products
  • Prevent Airborne Contaminants
  • Protect During Transport
  • Enhance Product Visibility
  • Limit Shrink
  • Customize by Product
Plastic Trays


We manufacture thermoform trays from clear to color, single cavity to complex custom multi-cavity trays and produce in a wide variety of tray geometries. Our thermoform trays help to:

  • Protect Precision Parts
  • Secure Parts Between Operations
  • Display and Protect Goods for Retail Presentation
  • Enhance Product Visibility
  • Protection for Sensitive Electrical Components
trapped blister packaging

Trapped Blisters

Trapped blister packaging is a hybrid paper and plastic package where the product is encapsulated in a thermoform blister that is sealed between two cards. This easy-to-open packaging is more ecologically friendly and offers a unique shelf presence. The front card allows for detailed graphics and product information while the clear thermoform highlights the product and creates a three-dimensional look. Our trapped blisters help to:

  • Package Multiple Units Together
  • Create a Unique Shelf Statement
  • Offer More Card Space for Marketing
  • Enhance Product Visibility
packaging engineer

Plastic Packaging Design Services & Support

Our team of designers and engineers review material type, thickness, function, and sealing methods to design blisters, clam shells, trays and trapped blisters optimized for security, protection, and better shelf presence. Our 40 years of design experience, ability to form all common material types (RPET, PVC, HIPS, PETG, PLA, PP, HIPS, or APET), wide range of material thickness, and ability to form complex geometries allow us to provide customized solutions that deliver the most impactful and cost-effective packaging.

Prototyping & Tooling Services

We design, develop, and manufacture custom tooling for your packaging project in-house. We intentionally complete all elements of the production process in our dedicated tooling center, from the creation of prototype molds to secondary finishing operations, to maintain tight control over cost, quality, and project lead times.

We leverage the latest CAD software and multiple precision CNC lines to ensure dimensional accuracy. Our large on-site tooling capabilities ensure faster cutting times, shorter lead times, and lower overall tooling cost. Our facilities also include on-site tooling maintenance and repair to ensure that we are most efficient and always on-time.

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