Elevate Your Point-of-Sale Experience with Displays

Maximize your sales with cost-effective, and engaging product displays

From markets test to the most complex, large-scale projects our clients have to offer, Visual Pak consistently delivers with flexibility and speed. With more than 30 years of experience partnering with the largest personal care, household, automotive, and food CPG organizations, we’ve gained the experience and expertise to develop, assemble, and ship high impact displays that demand consumer attention.

Elevate Your Point-of-Sale Experience with Displays

Understanding the Unique Display Packaging Needs of Your Product

With our expert team of project managers, designers, and packaging engineers, we work to thoroughly understand the scope of your project, your goals for consumer visibility, and the corresponding compliance regulations to ensure a functional, on-budget display solution. We pair our skilled packaging experts with industry-leading technology and advanced processes to complete every project — done efficiently, on time, and within budget. Driven to reduce components and improve manufacturing, we optimize labor for assembly to reduce costs.

The Capacity & Capabilities You Need to Drive In-Store Product Sales

With five packaging facilities encompassing over 1.2 MM square feet, we support massive product rollouts and high-volume programs with abundant space and capacity. Our optimized equipment, integrated display assembly, and fulfillment services allow for reduced handling, transportation, and total costs while increasing speed to market.

Our Retail Display Capabilities Include:

  • Complete full pallet
  • Half (½) pallet
  • Quarter (¼) pallet
  • PDQs
  • Rainbow pallet
  • Counter Display
  • Wing display assembly
  • Club Store Displays
  • Multi-vendor pallets
  • Complex product pack-out
  • Empty display capabilities
  • Hutch assembly
  • Unfilled hutches
  • Gluing
  • Stitching
  • Kitting
Our Retail Display

Build a Better Retail Display with Visual Pak

Share your product details and goals with our expert team today to get started! Together, we’ll identify ways to improve your in-store retail experience while optimizing production and reducing cost!