Norka gets down to business with the new Colter & Peterson CHM precision sheeter

As a mid-size specialty converter of paperboard packaging and paper, being versatile is a prized commodity for Appleton, Wisconsin based Norka, Inc.When management began searching for a new sheeting machine to handle greater workloads as a result of increased business, they narrowed the field down to two contenders. After testing, they chose and installed a new CHM 1700 precision sheeter from Colter & Peterson last July.

This isn’t the first time the two companies have been associated. In business since 1981, Norka has used C&P’s paper cutters for more than 20 years. Presently, they have a trio of 61-inch Polar machines in their finishing department, and Norka’s high level of satisfaction with C&P equipment placed them into consideration for the sheeter.

Our maintenance manager has worked with Colter & Peterson for over 25 years and has an excellent rapport with them,”remarked Dustin Utschig, Norka’s Chief Operating Officer. “Besides them, we also considered another sheeting system. We looked at and compared the capabilities of what we needed it for, which is everything from broad sheets to gloss photo paper.

“Our other choice had a machine that was in operation, so we shipped our trial roll but were not happy with the results,” continued Utschig, a 10-year Norka veteran. “Colter & Peterson set us up with a customer in Rochester, New York, so we scheduled a test at Flower City Printing. We saw the CHM 1700 run there, everything went well and we made our decision.”

As part of the Visual Pak family of companies, Norka’s management is always on the outlook for giving its 85 employees top flight equipment to work with. The CHM 1700 precision sheeter fits the description, doing so with a small footprint inside Norka’s 101,000 square-foot building.

Precision Sheeter packs a powerful punch

At 49 feet long, 17 feet wide and eight feet in height, it has the capability to sheet 65-inch wide rolls with a maximum diameter measuring 72-inches and a maximum sheet length of 82-inches. Featuring the newest technology and Siemens electronics, the machine has the latest bells and whistles including large touch screen controls and slitter flexibility. The servo motor drive system also ensures smooth and reliable operation.

“Historically, we have bought new/used equipment. The CHM 1700 is our first true, all new machine within the converting department,” says Utschig. “We are not a high volume operation so feet per minute is not our thing. Quality and reduced waste are premiums, and reducing dust, static and curl situations is important. The machine also gives us the flexibility for multiple substrates to meet customer needs and is operator friendly.The set-up and blade changes are easy and since it is new, it’s a really nice showpiece. The machine is clean and quiet and great for our customers to see in operation.”

Customers have plenty of time to see the machine first-hand. Norka runs two, 10-hour shifts four times a week and processes, converts, and prints most orders within 24 hours. Friday is reserved for overtime work. Utschig says the CHM 1700 precision sheeter is delivering solid results.

“We service two main industries. The first is paperboard, providing folding cartons for mostly the retail segment. The other is paper for the scrapbook industry,” he said. “When we convert shingle and single sheets, some substrates can’t have any scratch or overlay marks showing. This machine prevents any scuffing, which is very helpful in meeting customer demands.”

Customer demand keeps Norka and the CHM Precision Sheeter busy

“We quote all quantities, from as low as 1,000 into the millions so we can provide solutions from smaller runs on up,” states Utschig. “With this machine, the make-readies are quicker and that’s important because we can change the web width up to 10 times per day. We run many different substrates, from 20-pound cover stock up to 30 pt. board.”

“This sheeter is also user friendly for maintenance purposes. The catwalk goes around the entire outside of the machine so our guys have the ability to walk the entire space. They like having the freedom of being able to move around and not needing a board to get to any part of where they need to go.”

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