VP Plastics Adds Additional Thermoforming Capacity

New automated high-speed thermoformer responds to increased customer demand

WAUKEGAN, IL – Clayton Bolke, Chief Executive Officer of The Visual Pak Companies, today announced a significant expansion of its blend and fill operations in response to increased customer demand for broader capabilities and higher production levels. American Blending & Filling (ABF), The Visual Pak Companies division specializing in blend and fill manufacturing, has added a major production facility in Waukegan, IL through acquisition, which expands its manufacturing and warehousing capacity by over 200,000 square feet. The new facility will specialize in the blending and filling of alcohol and nonalcohol based consumer branded and commercial products in the personal care, auto care and household categories.

Additionally, American Blending & Filling has enhanced and re-engineered its flagship blend and fill facility, also in Waukegan, which will provide expanded R&D lab capabilities and capacity through new construction and equipment. Both the existing American Blending & Filling facility and the newly acquired facility will be engineered to further support corporate sustainability efforts, and accelerate overall time to market.

“We need to be in sync with our customers. They are focused on improving quality, increasing speed to market and driving growth, and so are we”, said Bolke. “We understand the responsibility we have when they place the reputation of their brands in our hands.”

In addition to the broadened capabilities and improved operating efficiencies, the ABF facilities now have the capacity to produce over 1.3 million units per day, supported by 30+ highly adaptable production lines and blending tanks.

“American Blending & Filling is a cornerstone of our company”, said Tim Koers, Chief Operating Officer. “This dual investment by way of internal expansion and outside acquisition is highly strategic to our business and provides immediate and substantial value to our CPG customers.”

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