Anti-Theft Packaging Solutions

Anti-theft Packaging Solutions Presented by Norka

One of our customers faced a major issue with pilferage/shoplifting issues with a popular product line – and came to Norka to ask for structural help to combat this continued drain on revenue.

The current packaging:  tuck tab closures with a header to house a hair styling puck at major retailers.  It has proven very easy for shoppers to open the carton and slide the puck out easily into pockets or purses – estimated rate of theft exceeded 30% on annual volumes over 2 million pieces!

We evaluated the current design and presented some changes:

  • Auto bottom structure – since pucks were being packed manually at the co-packer, this presented additional benefits to pick up additional efficiency in packing times.
  • We built in a locking tab that easily locked into the header at the time of packing the puck BUT made it very challenging to remove in the store aisles yet easy enough to open once shopper had purchased and was home.

Initial estimates showed a total reduction from 30% pilferage to less than 10%!  And?  The per unit cost of the newly designed folding carton did not increase – that’s how effective our new design turned out to be!  That was certainly a win/win solution for our customer proving more of a good thing is a really good thing.   And that’s what you will get working with the creative team at Norka!  Call us today to see how we can bring a level of design and service unmatched in the industry to you.

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