Trapped Blister Packaging

The Cost-Effective and Desirable Alternative

Trapped blister packaging is a sustainable, high-performing alternative to traditional face seal blister and clamshell packaging. Here at Visual Pak Secondary Packaging, we are experts in developing top-quality customized solutions to fit your packaging needs.

Trapped blister packaging is a hybrid paper and plastic package. Product is encapsulated in a thermoform blister that is sealed between two cards. Made from eco-friendly materials with minimal plastic content, and equipped with a secure yet user-friendly design, trapped blisters offer the protection and shelf appeal you want for your package without the added cost.

Trapped Blister Packaging has been a trending choice for most CPG companies to effectively showcase their product lines and has been providing multiple advantages over other methods of packaging.

  • Product stays in place
  • Pilfer resistant, yet easier to open than traditional clamshells
Increased Visual Appeal
  • Clear, custom-fit window to showcase your product
  • Increased space for graphics and text
  • Lower plastic content compared to clamshells
  • Corrugated and recycled paperboard choices
  • Hang, standing, retail, and club store presentation optionsProduct stays in place

With our team of creative, structural, and packaging engineers, The Visual Pak Companies can support your packaging development needs. We offer ideas to optimize functionality while minimizing cost. Contact one of our packaging consultants today to discuss your next project!

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