Gang Run vs Dedicated Run

Pioneered more than 100 years ago for the printing industry, gang runs are gaining popularity in the thermoforming industry.   A gang run, also known as a combination run or combo run, is a term for pooling multiple items together and manufacturing them in the same production run.  By running similar jobs from many customers all at the same time, the cost of each job can be reduced.

When is a Gang Run used?

Gang runs can lower the price, particularly smaller order quantities which might have otherwise been too cost prohibitive if produced by their own separate run.   To take advantage of gang run savings, all of the products in the run must share the same material type and thickness. This makes items that use more popular materials and thicknesses better candidates for gang runs.

When is a Gang Run not ideal?

If your project requires a unique type of material, a special color or an uncommon material thickness, then gang running will likely not be an available choice.   In addition larger volumes projects, those that require a fine degree of material distribution, consistency between runs, and shorter lead times are better suited for their own dedicated tool.

Dedicated tools

Improved and uniform material distribution

Part and sealing consistency

Flexible order quantities

Shorter lead times

Gang tools

Lower tool cost

Cost effective lower at run quantities

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