Secrets to Better Pricing

Avoid surprises and make sure you don’t overlook details that might impact the cost.

Pricing could make or break your next project, and the amount of information provided can strongly influence price. From the co-packer’s perspective, information and project scope matter. The details are essential; fewer assumptions means less guessing and more aggressive pricing.

Critical Details for Better Pricing

  • Provide samples, if possible:
    Time studies and test runs can confirm optimal run speeds and outputs.
  • Identify provided items and what will be purchased by the co-packer:
    If you were planning to supply pallets but didn’t tell us, we might have them included in our price.
  • Provide specs for items that will be purchased by the co-packer:
    We don’t want to buy over-engineered materials if they aren’t needed.
  • Define pack-out configuration:
    The case pack-out quantity matters. For example, assembling one carton to pack 12 items is cheaper than erecting a box that only holds four pieces.

The fast-paced retail environment often requires fast quote turnarounds and detailed proposals with little time to plan. Clearly defining the project parameters will not only help you get the best possible price, but it will also ensure you get the shortest quote turn-around time too.

The packaging experts at Visual Pak Secondary Packaging have the expertise and knowledge to ensure your project is done on time and on budget.

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