Visual Pak’s Continuing Service During the COVID-19 Crisis

Dear Visual Pak Companies Customers & Supply Partners

As the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis continues to develop, we wanted to share the actions we are taking as a company to not only do our part in society to limit the spread of the virus, but also service your business as your contract manufacturing, packaging and logistics partner:

  •  Safety & Health Resources: The safety of our company associates and their families, friends, neighbors, customers, suppliers and anyone that interacts with our business is paramount. We are eliminating travel, postponing visitors and increasing our work-from-home capabilities. We are permitting logistics, production and other physical on site personnel to remain working onsite, however we are communicating, training and encouraging anyone that is symptomatic to seek medical care and not report to work.
  • Training & Safety/Sanitizing Procedures: We are proactively boosting our focus, administration and materials surrounding how our workers support a clean work environment.
    • Hand washing training and additional hand soap/sanitizer materials will be made available and there will be reinforced and monitored activities to ensure proper hand washing throughout the shift of work.
    • Where appropriate and per CDC, WHO or other reputable medical resource guidelines, we are providing protective gear and sanitizing sprays to all personnel working in our plant or warehousing facilities.
    • We have experts providing our workforce additional onsite or virtual training to remind and reinforce safe workplace cleanliness practices.
    • We are increasing our janitorial services and supply throughout our facilities.
  • Critical Resources: Personnel, Equipment, Materials and Systems – We have identified critical resources and have a comprehensive internal plan that accounts for all key operational and supply chain functions to continue to function normally.
  • Critical Employees by Department & Communication:  Key Visual Pak Companies personnel that normally communicate with your key associates will be providing updates as the COVID-19 crisis evolves and we will provide immediate, transparent and critical communication updates should the status of any project change.
  • Business Continuity: Each division of the Visual Pak Companies has a business continuity plan. Our team members stand ready to help, so if you have any key concerns, questions or any other type of request, please reach out to us immediately and we will do our best to respond quickly with the most up to date information possible.

As of this today, Monday, March 23, our operations are running normally. We are expecting strong output this week, but there may be limitations to production based on the arrival of packaging, ingredients, or other raw materials. Our primary business and operations focus is to deliver current orders, and we are planning for on-time deliveries. We will communicate to you through our normal business, customer service, project management, and planning teams and will continue to provide critical updates. Most of our front office associates are working from home and will still be available to service you during this time.

We are experiencing increased demand for manufacturing and packaging services; we are responding to those needs and assigning additional resources, where possible.

Overarching this communication is our company’s commitment to the health and safety of our staff members, suppliers, or any other vital points of contact to interact with our business daily. We will continue to monitor and update our action/sanitation best practices as it relates to shipping and receiving, production, and all other critical operating functions.

We will find ways to get through this by working closely together, problem-solving collaboratively and communicating proactively.

Currently, there are no reported cases of COVID-19 among any of our company associates or their close contacts. Internally, we have set up an Emergency Response Team communication plan to monitor our overall preparedness plan relative to emerging updates from the CDC and public health authorities. Understandably, there may be challenges driven by school or other business closures which we will do our best to adjust to. On behalf of all Visual Pak divisions and our associates, will do our very best to monitor, communicate and adjust to any changes in the marketplace that may affect our ability to service your business.

Best regards and we wish you, your families and your company associates well, 

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