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Adding Flair with Paperboard Sleeves

Adding Flair with Paperboard Sleeves Paperboard sleeves, bands and wraps are a great way to show off your brand. No matter the industry, we can create a custom, streamlined and functional sleeve. Custom paperboard sleeves provide the[...]

September 26, 2023|

Searching for Savings?

Searching for Savings? We redesign, we reduce material, we re-engineer, and we dedicate resources to reduce costs. Often, simple and easy savings are overlooked; best illustrated by a recent customer example. Customer Challenge: A large California-based consumer[...]

September 26, 2023|

Automated Solutions for Your Needs

Automated Solutions for Your Needs Packaging Automation can minimize human intervention and can range from a single piece of equipment to a complete packaging line. Reduced labor availability and increased labor costs are driving companies to automate[...]

September 26, 2023|

The Kraft Carton Trend

The Kraft Carton Trend Showcasing a natural look, unbleached and uncoated paperboard folding cartons are becoming more popular. Bending chip has long been a common material for inner packs and inner cartons. However, we are seeing growing[...]

September 26, 2023|

Safety First

Safety First Family first - employee safety is our number one priority. Sure, we like to brag about our great designs and high-quality printing, but it’s our safety record that we’re most proud of. With more than[...]

September 26, 2023|

See How Our Technology Benefits You

See How Our Technology Benefits You The Visual Pak engineering team leverages technology and automation to optimize our equipment. We unleash the speed of our ultra-fast thermoforming lines by integrating robotics to eliminate bottle necks. With automation[...]

September 26, 2023|

Flexibility to Get the Job Done

Flexibility to Get the Job Done Norka understands the demands of retail packaging: unpredictable demand, less than desirable forecast accuracy, and always in need of rapid and quick turn times.   We thrive in this environment by[...]

September 26, 2023|

Single-Source Cartoning Capabilities

Single-Source Cartoning Capabilities Intricate cartoning projects don’t have to be difficult and expensive! Whether your project requires existing products with multiple pack-out configurations, products made overseas but packaged domestically to reduce freight or those that need additional[...]

September 26, 2023|

Finishing at the Source

Finishing at the Source Norka is the Answer! More companies are turning to external partners for contract packaging to meet demand, improve asset utilization, and reduce overall cost! However, managing packaging procurement and pack-out can be a[...]

September 26, 2023|

The Importance of Design Files

The Importance of Design Files Design Files: The answer to lower tool costs and faster turnaround. As you know, the design of the thermoform packaging depends on the size and geometry of the product it will hold.[...]

September 26, 2023|

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