Agility To Give you a Competitive Advantage

Our agility gives you a competitive advantage

Our agility and unique, efficient processes provide a competitive advantage by executing a perfect balance between flexibility and automation. With automated, high-speed, fast change-over, and multiple short-run lines, we can quickly adapt. This versatility allows you to change orders, provides shorter lead times, and gives you the option for small runs. We always aim to react to our customer’s needs quickly and efficiently.

Some of the key elements to our agile manufacturing are –

Optimized Designs – our engineers and designers across all divisions work seamlessly together to deliver unique ideas, concepts, and designs that allow flexibility based on your specific packaging needs. We drive your growth by bringing you faster and more innovative designs.

Flexible & Automated Equipment – robotics, carton-forming, automatic, semi-automatic, part handling, automated case packing and carton closing, palletization, and flexible manual lines; we leverage automation to reduce labor and deliver the lowest total cost. We can pack most products in any combination, at a high-speed, to provide the most aggressive solutions.

By leveraging our vertical integrated capabilities and improving the effective use of services, facilities, and materials, Visual Pak brings new products to market quickly, either in traditional or non-traditional formats. Being able to provide swift and personalized options without compromising quality, speed, or value – brands crush growth and margin objectives alongside The Visual Pak Companies. We invite you to come adapt with us!

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