Business in the time of COVID-19

Consumer Behaviors Amid the COVID-19 (coronavirus) Pandemic.

As we continue to battle against the COVID-19 worldwide spread, it’s no secret that shoppers are changing their ways.

SuperMarket News put together this article “Coronavirus has CPG Shoppers Changing their Ways”, which has some great information on 6 thresholds and event markers that they’ve noticed have been changing during this time. We wanted to share the article and how Visual Pak is adapting to this “new normal”.

Our takeaway from this article is that consumer behaviors will continue shifting even as things “go back to normal”. There will be continued hygiene practices, increased cleaning and hand sanitizing products, increased online-shopping, increased bulk size purchasing (food and essential items) to reduce the number of in-store visits, all while following the current “stay at home” restrictions.

As a co-manufacturing and co-packing company, here at Visual Pak, we are always adapting to market fluctuations or trends with flexible solutions. The Visual Pak Companies have the capabilities and expertise to find new suitable packaging solutions to help you succeed even in these hard times.

Do you happen to be in need of adapting or creating new packaging formats for your products or brands? From e-commerce, value packs, variety packs, or to alleviate your supply chain stress, we are here to help!

With appreciation and wishes for your continued wellness and success,

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