What affects Thermoform Design and Cost?

7 Factors that Influence Thermoform Packaging Design and Cost

Whether starting with a blank slate or with particular requirements, the same level of starting detail is required. We’ve outlined vital factors that influence thermoform packaging cost and design.

1. Thermoform Type: Clamshell, trapped blister, tri-fold, tray, face seal blister, and two-piece designs, there are many geometry options which influence overall cost.

2. Material Type: RPET, PVC, and APET are the most common material types. Desired print quality, aesthetic requirements, product type and your budget, will drive board selection.

3. Material Thickness Weight: The weight, protection requirements and size of the packaged product will dictate the material thickness as it must be sufficient to protect and support the product.

4. Overall Size: The goal? Secure the product and maximize copy space yet still meet the planogram requirements. Available shelf space and the desired number of facings will restrict the overall size.

5. Presentation: Will it hang, will it stand, and must it stack? The display method may require specific design features.

6. Assembly Method: Perimeter seal, snap closure, button snaps, and blister sealing are several possible closure methods, but packing and assembly method could dictate which option is best.

7. Prototype: Sample review and approval before the start of production is critical to ensure the packaging meets expectations for fit and performance.

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