E-commerce Packaging: More Than Meets the Eye

E-commerce Packaging: More Than Meets the Eye  E-commerce packaging is not just about wrapping up a product and shipping it out. It's the behind-the-scenes hero of online business success, it's the first physical touchpoint a customer has with your brand. It can significantly impact customer experience and [...]

February 27, 2024|

Our New Visual Pak Distribution Center is Now Open for Business!

Our New Visual Pak Distribution Center is Now Open for Business! Visual Pak’s brand-new distribution center in Chicagoland is officially open for business! This strategic expansion is a significant milestone. New Distribution Service Location Now Integrated with Our Contract Manufacturing Services: Seamless integration of our distribution centers with [...]

December 13, 2023|

Dull & Plain = Big Money Savers

Transportation Services Launched Sure, these may look like dull and plain cartons, but these are money-saving bad boys of packaging! An e-commerce platform (you know who we are talking about!) charged a customer for the overall outer dimensions of a plastic pouch, including the air inside the [...]

September 26, 2023|

Next Level Thermoforming Capabilities

Next Level Thermoforming Capabilities Visual Pak Plastics and Engineering strives to stay on top of automation that maximizes production output and efficiency to deliver savings that we pass along to you. Due to increased demand for our services, we are growing! And to help facilitate this growth, [...]

September 26, 2023|

Design Creativity and Innovation from Visual Pak

Design Creativity and Innovation from Visual Pak The Visual Pak Design Center Team is standing by for your next challenge! Our collaborative team of structural and graphic designers, packaging engineers and manufacturing experts deliver creative design solutions while ensuring your project stays on-time and on-budget. The Visual [...]

September 26, 2023|

Freshen up your Packaging

Freshen up your Packaging Consumers seek out value and endless variety Many large brands are introducing new items at a furious pace. Today, in and out, rotations are used to maintain excitement around the brand and keep the brand feeling “new.” Value, multipacks, and ‘convenient’ packages are [...]

September 26, 2023|

Agility To Give you a Competitive Advantage

Agility To Give you a Competitive Advantage Our agility gives you a competitive advantage Our agility and unique, efficient processes provide a competitive advantage by executing a perfect balance between flexibility and automation. With automated, high-speed, fast change-over, and multiple short-run lines, we can quickly adapt. This [...]

September 26, 2023|

What do you know about Paper Converting?

What do you know about Paper Converting? The Paper Converting Process The logistical headache you can avoid and waste reductions you can enjoy! Not many people understand "paper converting," but it is an essential part of the process for taking raw paper and making a finished product. [...]

September 26, 2023|

Repacking & Ready for Retail

Repacking & Ready for Retail Retail Ready, Smaller Case Sizes and Volatile Demands of the Retail Environment The rules keep changing, and retailer demands on smaller case sizes have added cost to the supply chain. Visual Pak has invested and optimized the repack process while maintaining flexibility.  We [...]

September 26, 2023|
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